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What Does Being a True Servant Mean

Being a Servant, as defined by my studies during devotional time, will probably take more studying to get a full picture, but here it goes!

The words I found in Hebrew that translated as servant were many, but the most common are these:

Na’ar נער- young man

Sharat שרת- Minister- to be in service to another.  Breaking the letters down into their ancient concrete meanings I thought it could mean that the second is more important than the first. Shin Resh Tav- two or second, head or first, cross or mark. The mark of the second is submitting to the first.

Shifcha שפחה- maid servant as joined to a mistress, to spread the family out.  When I went back to the ancient meanings of the letters; shin, fey, chet, hey. Teeth, closed hand, open mouth, tent wall, arms raised. Trying to understand the narrative for that brought me to this: Press into work on the borders to warn of dangers from the outside.

Eved עבד- slave or servant- the root is avad, which is work performed out of obligation, requirement, or gratitude. The verb form is to provide service to another or work at a profession.  The ancient hebrew breakdown I found for ayin, bet, dalet; was eye, house, door- one who watches over the household diligently.

Dalal דלל- Humble- the ancient concrete meaning is a door on the rod- which in the tent was a curtain that swings back and forth as people enter and leave – such as a person’s (who is lowly in spirit) head hanging low and moving back and forth in weakness. The door (curtain) is easily moved by the wind, and the wind represents the Spirit. So the one who is humble is easily moved by the Spirit of Elohim.

For Greek, I was looking into Yeshua’s words about a servant and found many that were translatable.

Diakonos- The Septuagint cross referenced to sharat.

Doulous/doule- one who gives self up in service to another’s will, to the disregard of their own will/interests.

Therapon- service rendered to another, especially by medical or household service, also cross referenced to Sharat.

A servant is someone who:

Completes his vows- makes a covenant with peace- fulfills his promises to Yahweh, the Master.

Is Blameless- knows the house rules and does everything to abide by them with his heart in the right place.

Speaks truthfully with his Master- not lying in order to deceive, cause failure or disappointment, not functioning like he was meant to.

Presses into his work-not being lazy or sluggardly, but is alert and focused on the task at hand.

Adores the Master- he is so full of love that he is willing to obey when sent to wherever.

Is Trustworthy- faithful and known to do what is required of them, and beyond, acting according to their belief in the Master’s desires.

Is Humble-not thinking more highly of his work or position or status. Sensitive to the Spirit.

Knows the will of the Master- seeks to do right, love mercy and walk humbly with Elohim.

Servants can be weak, they can be leaders, and they must work diligently, cooperating with their fellow servants.

A servant is one who is looking to the well-being of his Master’s interests and his Master’s household. He does whatever it is that needs to be done; guarding, healing, cleaning, delivering messages, organizing, leading.  Whatever the Master calls upon him to do.

May this post not confuse, but deepen understanding for you, and may it bless you as much as the study blessed me.




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