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Become a Student

What to expect as a GIT student :

We will be focusing on several areas:


  • Vegetable growing and crop systems
  • Livestock
  • Construction of livestock buildings and corrals
  • Infrastructure construction and campus improvement
  • Landscaping
  • Soil care (Remember as you are re-charged on Shabbat, the land also should be re-charged)
  • Product development (Bread, soaps and other sustainable living necessities)
  • Automotive repair and maintenance
  • Community service activities

These are just a few of the things we have planned, not to mention additional time to focus on your identity in the Father and your relationship with Him.

Farm work can be very hard whether you are growing crops or other projects, yet it is also very rewarding as you see fruits of your labor grow to nourish yourself and others. Here at GIT we have the added benefit of being able to bless Elohim’s people as we work for the Kingdom. As I read Nehemiah chapter 3 recently, it struck me as a beautiful thing that all these people who were working to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem were just normal people – people who took the initiative to work for the people of Elohim and for the land. YHVH saw fit that their names would forever be remembered in His scriptures. It makes me wonder if what I do, no matter how mundane or exciting it may seem, will be something to be remembered. I believe that as we work to prepare to be a blessing to the people whom YHVH has called to be His, it will be remembered.

It will be common for our days to start around 5AM, beginning a personal time of prayer and reading in the Word.  On to morning chores after that and breakfast at 8AM when we have also have a time of prayer and devotional teaching as a group. The main work day begins after that and lunch at 12.  Classroom studies will be around 1 – 4PM, and free time till dinner at 6.  Our evenings will worship, or other activities or rest.  Is it Shabbat yet? This is a very general scenario. There are too many things that will need to be done to list them here, ie. delivering produce, going to market, etc.

Our vision at Growing in Torah is not only that our students grow in the principles of Torah and learn how to implement those principles into their daily lives, but to be able to sustain and bless their own families and those around them in their communities and in the Land of our inheritance.  Thus one of our favorite mottos – To bless the land and the people of the land.  Like so many things in Torah and GIT, there is a double meaning there – the land and the people right here, right now to be a witness to the nations, but also the land of inheritance and the people there also to be a light and hope to our brothers.

Here are some other areas we will be taking part in:

Food preservation

  • Canning
  • Dehydrating
  • Seed Banking
  • Construction (dorms, green houses, various projects)
  • Welding (farm equipment manufacturing)
  • Beekeeping
  • Poultry (eggs, meat, )
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Soil analysis and fertilization

Marketing value added products of all areas via

  • Direct Farm sales
  • Internet marketing

Biblical Academic Areas of Training

  • Hebrew Language – speaking and reading
  • Agri-bio Linguistics – word study principles
  • Torah Studies/Life skills and application
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Leadership skills

Become a student:

There are a couple of options to choose from

Full Time Student

A full time student is for those young men and women who are in good health and have finished high school and up to about 25 years of age. They will be living and working on the farm from  March 14th – October 9th. We strongly encourage each student to consider becoming a full time student as this will give you a more complete understanding of the farm and your own spiritual walk.

Part Time Student

A part time student is the same as a full time student except that they would only be on the farm for a minimum of 3 months starting at the beginning of the growing season (March 14th) until July 1st (Summer break).

Returning Student

A returning student is the same as a full time student except that they would be on the farm one week prior to First Season students at the beginning of the growing season March 7th until October 9th.

Age: We accept students on an individual basis through application and interview process. Generally speaking though, you should have graduated from high school or equivalent, and usually between the ages of 18-25.


  • The cost to attend as a “Full Time Student” and “Returning Student” is $5,000.  This covers Tuition, Room and Board.  You will only be responsible for your incidentals such as any snacks, toiletries  and any study incidentals such as pens, pencils etc.  A full list will be sent to you upon your acceptance.
  • The cost to attend as a “Part Time Student” is $3,500.  This covers Tuition, Room and Board.  You will only be responsible for your incidentals such as any snacks, toiletries  and any study incidentals such as pens, pencils etc.  A full list will be sent to you upon your acceptance.  If as a “Part Time Student for 3 months you choose to stay longer, a remaining balance of $2,500 will be required to transfer you to a “Full Time Student” status.

Fees are due in full 30 days prior to arrival unless previous arrangements have been made. Financial aid is sometimes available; however, we strongly encourage you to work hard to secure any monies necessary.  We are happy to help in this endeavor with letters, brochures and other resources.

What next? – Let us know if you are interested! You must submit an application by no later than Jan. 31st so we can let you know if you are accepted by Feb. 15th.  We currently have very limited space, so get your application is as soon as possible.  Full time students will have priority.