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Train Our young men and women in:​

FAITH​ – “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” The word faith in Hebrew is “aman” which has to do with a tent stake which supports the whole tent. We want our youth to be grounded in the Word, just like that tent stake, unmovable and able to support a home.

SERVANTHOOD – “But whoever would be great among you must be your servant.” (Mk 10:43) It is our goal to teach the leaders of the future to truly be servants.  Servants that will :  “Bless the land and the people of the land”.  As these young people work to help those in need by their sweat and hard work, they are truly serving others and becoming great in the kingdom.

WORK ETHIC – Our culture in America today and certainly our labor laws that prohibit young people from working, have really had an impact on the general work ethic of our youth. We have found that it is not that they don’t want to work; it is just that they have not been shown how. A farm is the perfect place to develop those traits.

SUSTAINABLE FARMING – As a society we are becoming more and more dependent on government and big agriculture to supply our needs. We are on the very cusp of forgetting (and have already forgotten) so much life sustaining knowledge on how to survive on our own. We are trying to get back to our roots and finding out that it is healthier and more rewarding than the path we have been on spiritually and physically.

HELP THOSE IN NEED – There are as many levels that define what needs are as there are people. Some simply have a basic need for fresh, all natural, non-GMO, non-hybrid produce, while others simply cannot afford it as their needs go much deeper. It is our goal to provide all of the above. Scripture is clear that we help those around us with their needs, especially the widows, orphans and elderly among us. We can do that if we all pull together. Whether you are local or not, our desire is to make a way for you to join with us and our hard working student volunteers to bless one another.

PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE – We live in uncertain times and with much turmoil for many. The scriptures teach us that it is wise to prepare as best we can in the position that God has placed us, always knowing that our true sustenance comes from Him. Like Joseph who prepared for those who would come his way, we feel the need to be diligent with what the Father has given us. Joseph ended up saving his own family. We don’t know how the Father may choose to use us, but maybe we can make a difference in the future of the young people who come our way, and who knows, maybe many others, even our own brothers and sisters. As we build the infrastructure of this ministry just as Joseph did, it will be very interesting to see what the future holds.