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Living the Torah

Produced by our 2019 students, sharing about what Growing in Torah is for them.

More to the Great Commission Than Just One Step

    We are in a spiritual battle, and it must be recognized.  When we think of the Great Commission, we think of Matthew 28, right?  Yes, that is the whole purpose of the Great Commission; however; does the book… Read More

Created to Be

This morning, during devotion discussions, the ladies brought up a very good question. Is a “perfect” Torah observant wife only a quiet demure “mouse”? When we discussed, we found that women are designed to be highly adaptable, able… Read More

Seasons and Cycles

YHWH is gracious enough to give us seasons in which things change and cycles which make things familiar. After the students have left, the farm is quiet but we rest and we plan and we dream of the… Read More

What Does Being a True Servant Mean

Being a Servant, as defined by my studies during devotional time, will probably take more studying to get a full picture, but here it goes!
The words I found in Hebrew that translated as servant were many, but the most common are these:
Na’ar וער- young man
Sharat שרת- Minister- to be in service to another. Breaking the letters down into their ancient concrete meanings I thought it could mean that the second is more important than the first. Shin Resh Tav- two or second, head or first, cross or mark. The mark of the…

GIT family, I didn’t say goodbye! So…

GIT family, I didn’t say goodbye! So goodbye. I will miss you all. See ya in a few days. facebook.com

Don’t miss out! Only a few spots left and…

Don’t miss out! Only a few spots left and REGISTRATION CLOSES ON JULY 3RD! Register today at www.messiahwestcoast.com Messiah West Coast Youth Camp www.facebook.com REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Camp this year is July 24 – 29, 2016 and the… Read More

The Way: A Documentary

The Way: A Documentary www.facebook.com Hi everyone! We’re finally announcing the official release date! Check out the video for the date + an update on the doc 🙂 facebook.com

Have you let YHVH prune you today?

Have you let YHVH prune you today? www.facebook.com facebook.com

Another day at the GIT office!

Another day at the GIT office! Photos from Growing In Torah’s post www.facebook.com facebook.com