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About the Farm

Safe Haven – As we mentioned earlier, is the vehicle for Growing In Torah, and is modeled around the CSA/Farmers market model of a small farm. We are a very different type of CSA. Yes, our focus is on providing top quality heirloom, Non-HYBRID, all natural produce. But even more important are the lives of our students, and taking care of those in need. By being a partner with GIT, you are literally pouring out life giving water into the youth. Your involvement as a partner gives our youth an opportunity to give of themselves in hard work as we take care of those in need! We thank you in advance for all who take part in this opportunity.

CSA stands for – Community Supported Agriculture. Traditionally individuals in a local community pay a “Farm Share” which very often is distributed to them in the form of a weekly box of produce and whatever else the farm is producing. One of the really fun things about being part of a farm share is opening up that box every week to see what wonderful things are in it. Safe Haven and Growing In Torah does this as well for our local community. The truly amazing and unique thing about GIT is what is really in those boxes! The hard work, spiritual growth, servant’s heart, learning to care for others as you would a tree in the garden are just a few things that are really in those boxes.

How We Grow Our Produce-We use only natural, sustainable practices and no chemical pesticides or herbicides. It is true that there are times when we suffer from pests that can cause a lot of damage, but we believe the chemical alternative will cause much more damage over the long run. The Torah teaches us the same thing about how we should live our lives. We can either walk in “man’s instructions”, which may seem a lot easier in the short term, but will produce ill effects to our spiritual health and environment in the long run, or we can walk in the teaching and instructions of Elohim, which, while it may sometimes be difficult, we realize that it is building character that will train us to be the Bride of Messiah.

If you want to learn more about our farm, check out Safe Haven Sustainable Farms