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Thanks so much for the positive reviews on…

Thanks so much for the positive reviews on the first video in our hands-on agriculture segments. Your comments help to keep us grounded. A variation of people with different backgrounds and perspectives from secular to religious follow us here at Safe Haven Heirloom Farms, so this particular post may not be of interest to everyone. However, the biblical observance (Leviticus 25:1–7) of the #Shmitah (Hebrew: שמיטה, literally “release”) affects us all, because we know that in #agriculture #farming, allowing your land to rest provides a respite for the soil so nutrients may be replenished, making our food nutrient dense. You have probably heard about the Shmitah in the news lately!

Here at the farm, we are fulfilling the Shmitah year in harmony with the land of Israel. We touch on our specific acts of observance in one of the coming videos explaining why we are pruning during this year when it is obviously a direct violation to prune your vine in the Shmitah. It is also a direct violation to work on Shabbat yet the priests sacrificed on Shabbat.

Let’s get to the root of it. It is for life! And these particular plants seen in the series are babies, not yet one year old. The commandment of Shmitah is not to prune to gain the harvest. These particular plants being so young are not going to produce a harvest and in addition, they need a little more attention just like newborns. (Acts. 15: 21) This is to show that life and love are a greater commandment. It is important to care for one another just as we care for the vines. With all that said, it is a great day on the farm. GIT growing today!

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