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Sunrise….sunset, swiftly go the years! …

Sunrise….sunset, swiftly go the years! So, we at Growing in Torah believe that our Shabbats with our King are so special, and that the table we set before Him to celebrate His commanded day of rest should be so delicately set, that we like to bring out the unique gifts of His bounty. So this week’s Shabbat Shalom Veggie of the Week is……The Burdock Root! Who knew?

Grown all over this area in California, this root vegetable is eaten mostly in Asia, where it originated. It is eaten like a potato and used as an alternative to artichokes because of similar flavors. Part of the thistle family; it is known for its small purple flowers and tiny burrs. Harvesting young burdock in the late spring, before its flowers appear, is when it is tender and has a subtle flavor. Burdock skin is edible, but be sure to properly scrub the root clean of any dirt before cooking. Cut the burdock in thin discs or julienne into fine strips. Parboil burdock to remove its bitterness, on a low heat for a slow simmer for twenty minutes until tender. After this step, burdock can be sautéed in a liquid with other vegetables, or substituted for artichokes in soups and salads. Shabbat Shalom from our table to yours. Now, GIT Growing! #growingintorah #weirdveggies

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