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Gittin ready for a great season of Growing…

Gittin ready for a great season of Growing In Torah! Want to GIT involved? Ok, sorry, couldn’t resist. And you shouldn’t resist coming to the GIT campus on March 6th for a great day of preparation for the new crop of Students!

Work days are always the best time to have fun, and get to know others while you work. Plus, there will be food!

This is an all hands on deck event, no matter what your skills, I am sure we will have things for you to do. A few of the things we will be doing include:


Work will begin at 8AM on March the 6th and we have you covered for lunch!

Please let us know you are coming as soon as you can so we can be prepared to put you to work! (and to feed you too)! Contact Bryan at Bryan@growingintorah.com to RSVP.

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