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GIT BUILDING PLANS APPROVED BY COUNTY | “Get Ready to Watch Us Grow!” | GIT 2016

Good news, we met with the county today and the GIT project was approved. We need to start to raise funds for the project, though at the moment student recruitment for the 2016 semester is still our highest priority.

Growing In Torah is a leadership training program for College-aged men and women. We would like to take just a few minutes of your time to share with you what the vision for Growing In Torah is, and why it is so important to each of us now and in the future.

Romans 1: 20 says “ For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

We would suggest to you that, if you truly want to understand (not just learn about) the “eternal power and divine nature” of God, you’ve got to get out into His creation and actually start interacting with it. That’s why we like to call the GIT program “The University of Elohim”. Now we know it doesn’t look much like your normal university, but does that surprise you that the Father would teach things a little differently than what man has come up with, as in sitting in the classroom for hours just gaining knowledge? Now, knowledge is vital, but if it is not first built on a foundation of humility and servanthood, it will destroy you and the people around you. Yeshua’s whole life and ministry was based out of first being a servant to man! This is one of the main components that the GIT program develops in young men and women through simple farmwork. We then couple that with the academics of farming and biblical instruction. These things, built on a foundation of humility and servanthood, are what this next generation needs to be able to lead all of us into the future that the Father has laid before us.

With the Father’s help, we can do this! It is totally possible; we can accomplish this task He has set before us. Here’s the nuts and bolts. All it takes is 500 individuals who will make a commitment to support these young men and women at just $25.00/Mo. That’s it!

Seek the face of the Father on this endeavor and see what He would have you do. You know it all starts with a seed. We always instruct the GIT students to pray for the plants and the harvest, but it doesn’t stop there; it takes action. They have to get out in the field, get down on their knees, get their hands dirty and plant those seeds if they expect to have a harvest in the future. That’s what we are asking you to do today. To get out and plant the seeds to “Bless the Land and the People of the Land”.

Shalom and thank you

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