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GIT 2016 COURSE UPDATE…. We are p…


We are preparing for another semester of Growing in Torah!

Dear friends and family,

Hello! We trust that you all are doing well and enjoying some cooler weather. (It finally is starting to feel like winter here in central CA.) Our family is doing well. Bryan and I are not completely empty-nesters, but we’ve certainly entered that arena. So far, we’re not loving it!!, but we are so thankful for the Father’s blessings in our daughters’ lives as He has given them great husbands and has blessed them both with children (Emily is due in Dec., and Leah is due next summer.). We are so thrilled about becoming grandparents! We, of course, are also thrilled that Marian is still at home with us, for now. She’s been such a huge blessing around here, helping Bryan with many things in the field that need to be prepared for the upcoming GIT season. We can’t even imagine when she’s living away from home, too, but I know the Father will help us adjust.

Besides the many changes in our family, we’ve undergone many changes with GIT as well. Coming out of the Shmittah year, we realized that this coming year could be the Jubilee, which would mean no planting/harvesting….again! We know there’s much debate about whether this is truly the Jubilee, but we decided to proceed as if it is. So what does that mean for GIT?? It has been quite a challenge to operate the farm and also accomplish everything else we want to do for the students…learning Hebrew and other Biblical studies, food preservation, animal husbandry, etc. We figured this would be the perfect year to do that. We are still seeking Yah’s direction about how to plan it all, but we are excited to see how it plays out.

We continue to work with the county in moving forward with our campus. We received great news recently that someone is donating mobile homes to be used as dorms for guys, girls, and staff. It’s encouraging and exciting to us to see things, one by one, coming together. There’s still much more that needs to happen, but we know that the Father has it all under control, and we definitely want to do things in His time table.

As we move forward, we are praying about areas where we need help. There are so many things we’d like to teach the students, but are limited in our skills/knowledge. Some of you have expressed an interest to help in certain areas. Your interest and willingness are very much appreciated. We want to mention again the things we plan to teach and/or need help with: cooking, food preservation (canning, drying), animal husbandry (beef, chickens….possibly sheep, goats, and turkey), organic farming, Hebrew language (We have found a teacher we are very excited about that will be teaching us this year!), soap (and other homemade health/beauty products), cheese, honey bees and of course, Biblical teaching as it relates to agriculture. Some of these areas may require a full-time teacher, but others may require short term instruction. If you have skills in other areas that may benefit the students, please let us know.

The next few months are going to be challenging as we put things in place to begin our next GIT season. We also really look forward to other opportunities to share about GIT as we plan to attend the Praise Conference in OK City, hosted by Brad Scott and Rod Woodruff. One never knows what tomorrow may bring, but we are committed to moving forward with the vision the Father gave us. So many questions fill our mind, but as we seek Him first, we know it will be worth the ride!
May YHVH continue to be your anchor in this crazy storm called life, and may He give you all that you need as you live according to His purposes.


Karla and Bryan

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