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Created to Be

This morning, during devotion discussions, the ladies brought up a very good question.

Is a “perfect” Torah observant wife only a quiet demure “mouse”? When we discussed, we found that women are designed to be highly adaptable, able to fill in wherever their husband may have need. The Woman of Valor in Proverbs 31 is strong not just spiritually, but even physically. Being gentle does not mean being weak, weak willed or incapable of strong ideas.

She planned a whole vineyard, and Built it. With or without help, we know firsthand it’s a difficult thing to plan and build a vineyard. Being able to lead a group of people in something difficult is tremendously challenging.

If you’re loud, vivacious, bold or curious, listen to the Spirit, and He will guide you into who you’re meant to be. Sometimes we fall into thinking a certain aspect of our personality is what defines us, but it’s not. Our relationship with the Father of All is the only thing we should allow to define us. He knows us from our innermost being, and has a specific, unique, beautiful plan for each and every one of us, which no other person can fulfill. Every person reflects His character, His glory in a different way. Every person we come to know helps us see more of Him. If we look for it.

We encourage you to quiet the voices telling you who you “should” be – even your own. Listen to יהוה and His voice alone for who you are. His Word is a love letter, to help us understand ourselves, to understand each other, to understand Him.

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