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Beets, not a rhythm, not the brand name…

Beets, not a rhythm, not the brand name headphones; the vegetable. Stereotyped as being eaten by old people and the rejected option of a restaurant buffet, beets are grown here on the farm at Growing in Torah, and they are the Shabbat veggie of the week!

Botanically, this tuberous root vegetable belongs to the Amarathaceae family, in the beta genus. Its scientific name is Beta vulgaris. Beets are highly nutritious and “cardiovascular health” friendly root vegetables. Certain unique pigment antioxidants in the root as well as in its top-greens have been found to offer protection against coronary artery disease and stroke, lower cholesterol levels within the body, and have anti-aging effects.

Therefore, our elders who are eating beets could be on to something. After all, they have the blessing of their golden years, and are still eating their beets. Something to think about today! Shabbat Shalom, and inquire of beets, the kind one eats! GIT Growing…

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