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The Vision

The Creator saw fit to place man in a garden to tend and to keep it. It is our vision that, as we go back to our roots in the garden, we will train up a generation that will walk in the humble leadership that Yeshua displayed for us. As we learn to care for one another as we would a tree in the garden of Elohim, we will see the Bride of Messiah mature to the point where she is ready to meet the Groom.


Many years ago after Bryan Barnes lost his job as a corporate pilot due to the company going out of business, he got back to his roots on the farm and started growing again.  Although he had been walking out the Torah for 10 years, when he started farming, the Torah and all of scripture came to life in a whole new tangible way.  He felt like the garden was discipling him.

Our endeavor is to create an atmosphere that will make that same focused discipleship available to our young adults as they go forward and establish the foundations of this life in His word.  If you are a young adult, let the garden (His way of growing things) disciple you too. Check out the Become a Student tab to find out more.