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Seasons and Cycles

YHWH is gracious enough to give us seasons in which things change and cycles which make things familiar. After the students have left, the farm is quiet but we rest and we plan and we dream of the… Read More

What Does Being a True Servant Mean

Being a Servant, as defined by my studies during devotional time, will probably take more studying to get a full picture, but here it goes!
The words I found in Hebrew that translated as servant were many, but the most common are these:
Na’ar וער- young man
Sharat שרת- Minister- to be in service to another. Breaking the letters down into their ancient concrete meanings I thought it could mean that the second is more important than the first. Shin Resh Tav- two or second, head or first, cross or mark. The mark of the…

Thinning Fruit

A few months ago, we students had the opportunity to thin fruit trees. Not only our own fruit trees, but the orchard of a friend.  As we found out, there were a lot of good, spiritual principles found in… Read More

Green house construction

Growing in Torah. Article 1. 7/8/2016 “Construction of a Green House.” Here at G.I.T this early summer, we began construction of a very large green house. It began by adding unto a previous structure made 2 years prior…. Read More

Grafted Into the True Vine

  Proverbs 22: 6 – “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he turns not away from it.” ISR98 One of my favorite projects since I arrived at GIT has… Read More