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About Us

Growing In Torah is a seven-month training program for college-age adults focused on teaching farming through Scripture and Scripture through farming.  It takes place on a farm called Safe Haven Sustainable Farms, located in central California.

Students learn all aspects of organic farming as well as hard work, dedication to detail, patience, tenacity and humility. “If you can be a farmer, you can do anything!” With that in mind, we strive to plant these skills within our young men and women.

The Bible was written to an agricultural society, and is filled with important principles and examples of how we should live. Like Yeshua, who used agricultural analogies in the parables, we use this agricultural perspective to teach and train our student volunteers both in the physical and spiritual.

The Vision

As we go back to our roots in the garden and in Scripture, we will train up a generation that will walk in the humble leadership that Yeshua displayed for us, learning to care for each other as He cared for those around Him and thus becoming the mature Bride of Messiah, ready to meet our Groom.


Many years ago, Bryan Barnes went back to his roots and started farming again.  At that point, he had been walking a Torah life for 10 years.  Suddenly, scripture came to life in a whole new tangible way.  He felt like the garden was discipling him.  It was during this time that the vision of GIT was put in his heart and mind as he knew the tremendous impact this would also have on the next generation.

Our endeavor is to create an atmosphere that will make that same focused discipleship available to our young adults as they go forward and establish the foundations of this life in His word.

If you are a young adult, let the garden (His way of growing things) disciple you, too. Check out the Become a Student tab to find out more.